Paper in Special Sessions

Special Session on Data Science and Data Storage Technologies for New Perspective in Internet of Things (IoT)
Asst. Prof. Dr. Chayada Surawanitkun

    1. "EuO double spin filter based spin valve for data storage devices: A first principle study", N. Jutong, W. SAsimma, K. pawasan, K. Prachumrasee
    2. "Low Cost Monitoring Device for Tracking Breast Cancer Specimen in Smart Hospital", K. Prachumrasee, J. Khoonmee, S. Khoonmee, N. Jutong
    3. "Shopping Center Information Services Application Development in the form of Smartphone on Cloud Technology ", Kanda Sorn-in and Satit Kravenkit
    4. "Compare Credible Algorithm of movie review data ", Korakot Matarat, Ariya Namvong, Chayada Surawanitkun
    5. "Personalized Recommender System Using Social Network Based Collaborative Filtering Technique ", Tanapattara Wongkhamchan, Ariya Namvong, Chayada Surawanitkun

Special Session on Data and Information Science
Dr. Wiparat Busyatras

    1. "Accident Prediction of Public Van Vehicles from Driving Behavior Based on GPS Systems", Siwaphong Niyompanich
    2. "Prediction Sales from the sale of the former to support business decisions and production management", Ritha Chanthabud
    3. "Reviewing Frequent item sets by local Power Sets’ transection based Scanning and Counting", Pitaya Poompuang
    4. "TMR Estimation based on Data Science Technique with BPMR System", Wiparat Busyatras
    5. "An Application of a Rate-4/6 RLL Code in Ultra-high Density Magnetic Recording Systems", C. Buajong and C. Warisarn
    6. "Soft Encoding and Decoding of a Rate-5/6 Modulation Code in BPMR Systems", C. Kanjanakunchorn and C. Warisarn