Paper in Special Sessions

Special Session on Energy storage system management and control in smart grid
Asst.Prof.Dr. Jonglak Pahasa
1. "Optimal Operation of Battery Energy Storage System for Mitigating Voltage Fluctuation in Microgrid Using Cuckoo Search Optimization", Peerapol Jirapong, Keerachat Tantrapon, Panida Thararak
2. "Hierarchical Clustering of Electric Load :Case study in Lower South region of Thailand ", Phattarawat Phetsangkat, Kusumal Chalermyanont, Rakkrit Duangsoithong
3. "Observability Analysis of Instrument Missing in Industrial Zone Power System using Power System State Estimation", Observability Analysis of Instrument Missing in Industrial Zone Power System using Power System State Estimation
4. "Analysis of The 115/22 kV Transformer Fault Tripping using Fault Tree Analysis based on Python Platform ", Radomboon Taksana, Krischonme Bhumkittipich

Special Session on Analog integrated circuit design and its applications
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Winai Jaikla
1. "Voltage/Current-Mode Universal Filter Using Single FDCCII ", Montree Kumngern, Wirote Jongchanachavawat
2. "Square/Triangular Wave Generator Using Single Bulk-Driven FDCCII ", Montree Kumngern, Usa Torteanchai
3. "Lossless/lossy Inductance Simulators Employing Single VDGA and Grounded Element", Montree Siripruchyanun, Jirawat Hirunporm
4. "Two-Stage Fully-Differential CMOS Opamp With Common-Mode Feedback Network", Chaiyan Chanapromma, Jirayuth Mahattanakul
5. "Estimation of HD3 and IM3 distortion for Fully-Differential Gm-C filter", Terdpun Choogorn
6. "1.5 V, 50 nA, 100 Hz, 73 dB-DR, Subthrehold Lowpass Filter for EEG/ECG Recording", Suriya Adirek, Chaiyan Chanapromma, Chuthum Sawigun
7."Simple Structure Elliptic Band-pass Filter based on MO-OTAs", Natapong Wongprommoon, Fabian Khateb and Pipat Prommee

Special Session on ECTI-SICE Organized Session on Latest Trend on Systems and Control I
Kou Yamada and Itthisek Nilkhamhang
1. "Disturbance observers for constant disturbances ", Kou Yamada
2. "Economic Performance Optimization by Set Point and Weighting Parameter Tuning based on LQG Controller Design", Sayuri Okayama, Shiro Masuda
3. "Iterative PID Regulatory Control Design using Gradient Estimate of LQG evaluation", Qiang Ji, Shiro Masuda
4. "Data-driven I-PD Gain Tuning Using Closed-loop Step Response Data", Shiro Masuda, Sota Takahashi
5. "Simultaneous Design of Reference Model and Controller for VRFT using Closed-loop Step Response Data", Shiro Masuda, Naoki Ota
6. "Development of automatic driving position information positioning system using TACAN technology", Takaaki Hagiwara, Hiroki Ishizaki, Naoki Nakazato
7."Application of Model Predictive Control to Traffic Network Systems based on Hierarchical Distributed Control Framework", David Banjerdpongchai, Jeerapat Jitnuant Prommee

Special Session on Data and Information Science
Dr. Wiparat Busyatras and Pitaya Poompuang
1. "BER Performance Improvement using Soft-Information Flipping Method in BPMR Systems ", Chanon Warisarn, Wiparat Busyatras
2. "Plant Disease through Leaf Images Classification with Texture Analysis and Multi-Class SVM", PICHATE KUNAKORNVONG, Aufa Aulia Fadila Yusuf
3. "Empirical Analysis using Feature Selection and Bootstrap Data for Small Sample Size Problems", Yuying Zhao, Rakkrit Duangsoithong
4. "Revealing Frequent Itemsets by Local Power set Transaction Scanning ", Pitaya Poompuang, Anucha Tungkasthan
5. "Rice Cultivation Planning Using a Deep Learning Neural network ", Thotsawut Mhudchuay, Teerasit Kasetkasem, Witsanu Attavanich, Itsuo Kumazawa, Thitiporn Chanwimaluang
6. "Comparison of Naive Bayes, Decision Tree, Support Vector Machine, Artificial Neural Network and K-Nearest Neighbor Classifiers for Movie Review Classification ", Korakot Matarat, Ariya Namvong, Chayada Surawanitkun
7. "Adaptive Designing Process of 2-D GPR Target and Equalizer based on BER in BPMR System ",Chanon Warisarn, Lin M. M. Myint, Nontarat Bumrungkiat
8. "BER Performance Improvement using Soft-Information Flipping Method in BPMR Systems",Chanon Warisarn, Wiparat Busyatras

Special Session on Antennas and Microwave Technologies for Modern Wireless Communications
Dr. Ekasit Nugoolcharoenlap
1. "Dual Feed Vertical Polarization Circular Array Antenna for WLAN and 5G (Sub-6 Ghz) Small-Cell Base Station Applications", wen-hsiu hsu, Wei-Yan Chen, Chia-Lun Tang
2. "A Multiband Slot Antenna with the Fractal Narrow Slit fed by Capacitive Coupling ", Chatree Mahatthanajatuphat, Norakamon Wongsin, Thanakarn Suangun, Prayoot Akkaraekthalin
3. "Low-Profile, MIMO Antenna Based on Substrate Integrated Waveguide for WLAN Applications ", Pinit Nuangpirom, Kanokwan Ruangsiri, Somsak Akatimagool
4. "Microstrip Slot antenna with a 9-shape Conductor Strip for UWB standard", Tuanjai Archevapanich, Pongsathorn chomtong, Prayoot Akkaraekthalin
5. "Circularly Polarized Rectangular Patch Antenna with Thin Slot for GPS Applications", Kanawat - Nuangwongsa
6. "Antipodal Vivaldi Antenna with Non-uniform Corrugation for Breast Cancer Detection ", Wanwisa Thaiwirot, Shalermchon Tangwachirapan, Prayoot Akkaraekthalin
7. "Electrically Small Huygens Source Antennas Based on Complementary Spiral Resonator ", Suramate Chalermwisutkul, Wipat Chansumran, Warakorn Longcharoen
8. "A Miniaturized Planar Sensor Using Minkowski Fractal Technique for Material Characterization ", Nonchanutt Chudpooti, Nattapong Duangrit, Prayoot Akkaraekthalins
9. "The experiment of the simple high-frequency sensor to detect the degree of Bix in sucrose solutions", Nutdechatorn Puangngernmak, Thanarak Srisurat

Special Session on Data Science and Data Storage Technologies for New Perspective in Internet of Things (IoT)
Asst. Prof. Dr. Chayada Surawanitkun
1. "A Patient Monitoring System for Multiple IoT Rehabilitation Devices ", N. Jutong, W. SAsimma, Dujdow Buranapanichkit, Nattha Jindapetch, Kiattisak Sengchuai
2. "Detection of Sleep-Disordered Breathing and Sleep Efficiency with Wireless Pillow-Sheet Sensor Network", Teerakiat Kerdcharoen, SHONGPUN LOKAVEE, Visasiri Tantrakul, Worakot Suwansathit, Janejira Pengjiam
3. "IoT in Pre-Analytical Phase of Breast Cancer Specimens Handling in Thailand Hospitals", Krisada Prachumrasee, Jaruwat Manerutanaporn, Supinda Koonmee
4. "A Simple Encryption and Suitable Authentication Process for Cloud Computing Security", Saiful Islam
5. "Personalized Recommender System Using Social Network Based Collaboative Filtering Technique", Tanapattara Wongkhamchan, Ariya Bamvong, Chayada Surawanitkun
5. "The double spin filter EuO based spin valve for data storage devices ", Nuttachai Jutong

Special Session on Big Data Analytics & Digital Image Processing and Its Applications
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Ekkarat Boonchieng
2. "A System of Semantic Segmentation on An Autonomous Vehicle ", Rachmadio Noval Lazuardi, Daffa Sudrajat, Nafitri Aulia, Trio Adiono
3. "Effective Horizon Detection on Complex Seas using Back Propagation Neural Network ", Pisanu Kumeechai, Somchat Jiriwibhakorn
4. "Classification of Dementia MRI Images using Blended Biogeography Based Optimization", Bharanidharan N, Harikumar Rajaguru
5. "Application of Deep Learning in Classification of Rose Apples Species and Their Qualities", Nitikarn Nimsuk, Panithan Pruttikul, Natchaya Suttikitibuth
6. "Adapting a Stereo Camera System to Determine Coconut Ages", Noppon Lertchuwongsa, Nipon Parinyavuttichai
7. "Steel Ruler Measurement Based on Image Processing Method", PANANYA SOMWONG
8. "Analysing the relationship between urban vegetation and land surface temperature in Raipur city, India", Subhanil Guha, Himanshu Govil, Mahesh Kumar Tripathi, Monika Besoya
9. "Comparative Evaluation of Spectral Angle Mapper and Spectral Feature Fittings Algorithms for Mapping of Clay Minerals using AVIRIS-NG Hyperspectral Data", MAHESH KUMAR TRIPATHI, Himanshu Govil, SUBHNIL GUHA, MONIKA BESOYA
10. "Comparing ASTER TIR data based lithological indices in Malanjkhand copper mines, India", Monika monika, Subhanil Guha, Mahesh kumar tripathi, Himanshu Govil
11. "Recurrent Neural Networks for Environmental Sound Recognition using Scikit-learn and Tensorflow", Cherdkul Sopavanit

Special Session on Algorithms, Protocols and Applications in Wireless Networks and IoT
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Anan Phonphoem
1."An Application of Internet of Things Technology to Control to Smart Home System ", Seree Khunchai
2."An Enhanced Time-based Wireless Indoor Localization Using Synchronized Time-Difference-of-Arrival (TDoA)Technique", Yuzana Hlaing, Nyein Aye Maung Maung
3. "Evil-Twin Detection on Client-side ", Songrit Kitisriworapan, Aphirak Jansang, Anan Phonphoem
4. "The Effects of Duty Cycle Limit to Small Single Gateway LoRaWAN Protocol Network", Apiwat Witayarat, Aphirak Jansang, Anan Phonpheum

Special Session on Recent advances in signal and image processing
Assoc.Prof.Dr Pornchai Phukpattaranont
1. “Investigation of Image Edge Detection Techniques Based Flood Monitoring in Real-time", Qianyu Zhang, Nattha Jindapetch, and Dujdow Buranapanichkit, Prince of Songkla University
2. “Doppler Radar for Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition based on Signal Image Processing", Kongphum Arthamanolap, Somprasong Gabbualoy, and Pattarapong Phasukkit, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
3. “A Precipitation Retrieval Algorithm for the Himawari Advanced Himawari Imager", Chinnawat Surussavadee, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
4. “Image Processing Technique-Based Quadcopter Movement Control". Eakdanai Kavichai and Keum-Shik Hong, Pusan National University
5. “A Study of Neuro-fuzzy behavior on variance training data in image enhancement", Jaturon Ngernplubpla and Orachat Chitsobhuk, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
6. “Obscured 3D point-of-gaze estimation by multi point cloud data", Wudthipong Pichitwong and Kosin Chamnongthai, King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi

Special Session on 5G technology and applications
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Lunchakorn Wuttisittikulkij and Dr.Sarinya Pasakawee
1. “Link Energy Minimization in Magnetic Induction based Non-Conventional WSNs ”, Vinay Kumar, A Laxmi Prasanna, Sadanand Yadav, Sanjay Dhok, Pankaj Dhule, Vitawat Sittakul, L Wuttisittikulkij Jindapetch, and Dujdow Buranapanichkit, Prince of Songkla University
2. “Application of Deep Learning to Energy-Efficient Power Allocation Scheme for 5G SC-NOMA System with Imperfect SIC ”, Worawit Saetan, Sakchai Thipchaksurat
3. “Antenna gain self-calibration for Double Ridged Guid Horn Antenna using bi-directional optical fiber link transceiver” ,Sayaka Matsukawa, Satoru Kurokawa
4. “Development of Optical Receiver Device with Frequency Response Model for Radio-over-Fiber Link”, Vitawat Sittakul, Sirivat Hongthong
5. “Wireless Sensor Network for Wildfire Detection and Notification via Walkie – Talkie Network”, Vitawat Sittakul, Sarinya Pasakawee, Chana Jan-im
6. “Performance analysis of Traffic Aware Scheduling Algorithm with Node- Internal Queue Sizes”, Vitawat Sittakul, Sanika Wijayasekara, Lunchakorn Wuttisittikulki
7. “Deformation Monitoring Using DInSAR Technique In Coalfield OF Korba Chhattisgarh, India ”, MONIKA BESOYA, HIMANSHU GOVIL, MAHESH KUMAR TRIPATHI, SUBHANIL GUHA
8. “Uplink Wireless Powered Communications of Rate-adaptive IoT Nodes with Intermittent Energy Source”, Kampol Woradit, Gan Srirutchataboon
9. “Joint Timing Offset and Delay Spread Estimation for OFDM Symbol Synchronization based on Maximum Likelihood”, Pruk Sasithong, Lunchakorn Wuttisittikulkij, Pisit Vanichchanunt

Special Session on Automation System
1. "An Image Synthesis Method in Appearance Inspection of Plastic Products based on Machine Learning", Yoichi Shiraishi, Ayana Nakajima, Kazuki Nishiya, Kazuhiro Motegi, Yuta Tanaka
2. "Thermal Behavior of FDM 3D Printing by Using Arduino Mega 2560 Approach", Kasem Promarin, Den Kogphimai, Preecha Somwang, Ekbodee Muangklang, Thewin Sakunbunyong
3. "Effects of Chilies Dryer by using Heat Energy from Solar", Den Kogphimai, Kasem Promarin, Preecha Somwang, Ekbodee Muangklang, kritsada Tasuntia
4. "Demonstration of Production System and Automation Controller for Industrial 4.0 using PLC ", Waraporn Luejai, Warunee Srisongkham, Pattharaporn Kanthiya Puisamlee, Korn Puangnak, Krerk Puangnak
5. "Design of Automatic Control System within the Greenhouse to Maintain the Weather to be Appropriate for the Growth of the Milky Mushroom", Nattapong Phanthuna, Surasit Prakobkit, Panisra phrmmanok, Akaradage Khongkaphan, Sarun Nopkuntod
6. "Image Processing for Quality Control in Manufacturing Process ", Ekbodee Muangklang, Preecha Somwang

Special Session on Land Transportation System
Asst.Prof.Dr.Warin Sootkaneung
1. "Comparative Study of Threshold Selection for Incident Detection based on California Algorithm", Korn Puangnak, Sorawat Chivapreecha
2. "A Review Study of Incident Detection Algorithms with Performance Index Parameter ", Korn Puangnak, Sorawat Chivapreecha
3. "Resource Comparative of Map Matching Algorithm ’ transection based Scanning and Counting", Krerk Puangnak, Thanunchai Threepak
4. "Evaluation of MQTT and CoAP of Vehicle-to-Vehicle in case study of Traffic monitoring",Wiput Puisamlee, Korn Puangnak, Krerk Puangnak
5. "Real-time distance measuring evaluation for accelerometer sensor on smartphone", Salakchit Pukjaroon, Korn Puangnak, Krerk Puangnak, Wiput Puisamlee
6. "Selecting an Access Point for Indoor Localization System Using Frequency Analysis", Piyapan Suwannawach, Sorawat Chivapreecha
7. "An intelligent system for identifying feasible routes for truck routing problem: an application to a Thai Adhesive and Sealant Company", PATHAWEE PHONWIPHAT, Warut Pannakkong, Pisal Yenradee, Kittipong Ekkachai, Atsushi Takahashi